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corporate edition

For larger corporations or alliances, it could be interesting to have a copy of eve commander on their own. In general, it it prefered to have it hosted on my own server for service and support. But for really large corps, external hosting can be discussed (but beware of steep technical requirements and complex installation).

reasons for eve commander corp edition:

- the corp/ally pays for eve commander as a service for its members
- all members can register and use eve commander for FREE without limits as long as they are in the corp
- you can visually brand eve commander with your corporate logo
- you support a project that is nearly three years old and in continuous development, largely made possible because of these larger blocks of isk as income.


- all end-user features of regular eve commander
- user registration is limited to members of your corporation or alliance, but not limited in count
- administration tools to edit and delete users
- see who's online at the moment
- there are no tools to spy on your corp members as a ceo - they would need to be specifically custom ordered and programmed for you. they do not exist, as i respect the privacy of my subscribers according to my privacy statement on eve commander. only exception is when chars get linked to each other, but then, members can also see you. equal justice... :)


- installation on my server
- visual customization of eve commander (colors, fonts, header graph).
- automatic regular updates with new features and bug fixes
- you can use your own domain when you have one, or get a subdomain like corpname.eve-commander.com pointing to your server for free. i can also register your own domain for isk.


- you can only use eve commander in license for all members of your own corporation or alliance.
- you may not resell access to your copy of eve commander to third parties.
- you may not publish it's source code to your members or to third parties unless i specifically allow you to (copyright and legal ownership stays with me).
- if you have an inhouse application developer, he may work on the code when i approve so (coordination with updates etc).
- this is not open source software


- initital one time fee is:

  750 million isk for corporations with less than 25 members.
  1.0 billion isk for corporations with between 26 and 100 members.
  1.5 billion isk for corporations with more than 100 members.

- monthly maintainance fee (hosting, database, support) is:

  25 million isk for corporations with less than 25 members.
  50 million isk for corporations with between 26 and 100 members.
  75 million isk for corporations with more than 100 members.

feedback, questions and ordering:

- in-game character: woddel

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