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latest changes:

- i resized the homepage a bit so that 4 portraits of current active users are shown in one row. This, as the numbers grow and i just saw 19 chars online (screenshot).
- little gadget: tranquility server status on the homepage… :)
- new skill list has been imported. skill queue implemented in a first version (it will be finetuned in a few days)… still missing is the new item database, which should become available within a few days.
- major new feature for the 'skills' page: directly compare the skills of up to three characters side by side. this feature is only available when you have multiple characters linked together (your alts and/or corp mates - see 'account settings' for details). find out why your buddy is mining faster than you. or why he always has the edge over you in pvp or missions.
- 'transactions' for both personal and corporate data now gives the option to show WHO you bought or sold stuff from or to. this came with some slight changes to the interface. also, there have been a few minor adjustments to the 'characters' page.
- 'assets by type' (personal and corp data) now allow to filter by market category. so it's easier to find your stuff when you have a large amount of items packed away. also, and i apologize for that, i found an ancient bug that prevented certain items from showing (items packed into regular containers, not secure containers). this has been fixed too. and last, asset data can now also be exported into excel csv.
- little gadget: i made a quick statistic page to see from which countries all these many eve commander users come from. This can be viewed here: user stats
- the ships-page is now also available for corporate data. but eventually, it can not differentiate between ships in corp use and ships in hangars produced for sale.
- the route calculator (found in 'tools') now shows the number of people entering or leaving each solar system, the number of ship kills and the number of pod kills. This can be used to see if there is a higher risk of congestion, lag, gatecamps or pirate activity during your travels.
- transaction log 'performance by item' and 'export' is now also available for corporate data.
- completely new analysis tools for market transaction log: check out the 'performance by item' page. There is also an export where you can export transaction log data to excel for further use. The same for corporate data will follow in a few days. Happy new year… :)
- the route calculator got an important new feature: you can now add a number of pass through systems and the system will calculate the shortest possible route through all of them. if the start and destination system are the same, it will calculate the shortest possible 'circle route'. this is great for market delivery runs and stuff.
- the section 'links' was replaced with the section 'tools' which so far contain the following: a simple route planer (which will be expanded in the near future), a link to my new agent finder portal and the previous links page.
- market order data can now also show the isk volumes (volume left and total volume) for each single item. this has been a much requested feature and finally it's done… :)
- corporate data transactions page now finally also allows to view all corporate accounts combined (as in walletjournal). Sorry, that i have not seen that earlier… :)
- market data got another expansion: your item portfolio can now be grouped by logical and free definable market data groups. you can now create groups like 'trade portfolio', 'pos materials', production necessities', 'production goods' etc. the more groups you create, the better is your overview over your stuff and the faster the application runs as there are fewer queries to run. groups are managed in the config page and are available as of right now. feedback welcome.
- quantum rise data has been imported… only thing yet missing are the new icons for the orca and the like. they will be integrated as soon as they become available.
- eve central data is now available in all the market data sections…
- market data has received an update: an experimental integration of data. their data is available in a realtime datastream and has been imported for several weeks now, filling up the database to more than 600'000 records… to keep that at bay, only the last 7 days of data are now kept. when you view market data, a slighly lighter background indicates the use of more recent eve-central.com data as to the one you uploaded manually. currently, it's only integrated on the main front page.
- character page expanded: if you have registered multiple accounts and linked them together, character information now shows a new menue 'all characters' where you get three screens with global data showing all characters on one page. info shown: names, corp, cash, skills, current learning & time left, attributes and clone status. very handy to have a quick glance at all your accounts. if you only have one character registered with eve commander, these pages will not show. this also works for limited edition users!
- if you have registered multiple accounts and linked them together, the quick switch user dropdown is now ordered by account. this makes it easier to manage multiple characters on several accounts. order for the dropdowns : account registered on eve online and then characters registered to eve commander (which usually are the mains first). coming up soon: an overview page with all characters / accounts and which characters of them are skill training.
- character page now shows your current clone grade! it flashes red when it is below your actual skill point value. also, there is an alert on the homepage when you log in (or quick change character).
- market data received some love: new views 'regions by station' (all stations, not only the defined trading posts) and 'region global' (basically a similar view like in eve). this means that a lot more data is imported (the full region, not only the data necessary for the defined trading posts). to counter that, all data older than 30 days will be deleted in a daily robot. an upcoming features will integrate corporate market orders and improve other details.
- i am finally getting my times right… :) the offset that gmt/eve time does not daylight saving has thrown many things off. a quick fix a while ago only did partially solve the problem. It is now getting better and better as i go through all applications again…
- new page 'corporation overview' for users with corporation data access (bottom on about for details). there are two screens: one showing all corporation members with their last login date, location and current ship (as visible under corporation management withing eve) and a second screen showing a combined overview of all cash assets across all corp and player accounts. player balance is, of course, only shown for players having their own account on eve commander and being in the same user switching group (top left dropdown if defined under settings).
- 'overview by activity' is now also available for corporation data. also in corporate wallet journal, you can now see the 'log' and 'overview by activity' for all corporate accounts combined. this gives you a better overview of your corporate's performance… :)
- finally! upon availability and testing, the current core database from empyrean age has been imported into eve commander. this means that all items and especially the starmap (including the new region 'black rise') are now uptodate again. also, all item icons have been updated as well - this is especially visible on the ships-page. have fun.
- new sheet 'overview by activity' under wallet journal: groups the most common activities (all, missions, trade, industry, donations, contracts and other) by day, week or month and shows total gain or loss in these categories. the same on corporate data (for users who have access to this part) will follow soon. it's not all finished yet (finetuning). feedback is, as always, welcome.
- changed the location of personal/corp data dropdown (when available) and added the character quick select to every page. makes flipping through all characters / alts easier. hit shift-reload to reload the css file in case the orange messageboxes appear out of place.
- fixed the industry page bug where completed, but unsuccessfull invention jobs where not removed from the list and always showed 'ready'.
- player owned stations (outposts) are now imported into eve commander database once a week from the api xml 'ConquerableStationList.xml.aspx'. If your station is in there, it will now show in assets and stuff. Thanks to 'Mia Liau' for pointing me to this… (my corp does not own outposts yet, so i had no idea that they did not show).
- adjusted pricing a bit: free full edition of eve commander for folks with less than 20 mil in the wallet is over after three month past account creation. this, as this option is intended for new players with little money and not characters keeping their cash in an alt or corporate account… :) price is 2 mil then afterwards for 90 days. this will come effective for all respective accounts with the ending of their current extended trial periods.
- added implants to the character page and also fixed a small bug that when not all five implants where present, all implant attributes where set to 0
- great improvement in ship setup visualization on the ships page
- tiny improvement: corporate market orders now shows who issued the respective order
- new page 'market data'. powerful market price overview and comparison: check out the 'help' page for details on how it works and what it does for you… it's fairly complex and maybe not the real thing for total noobs… :)
- many small improvements, based on ideas from 'veritech knight':
-- sorting can no be done both ways. Just click again to toggle ascending and descending
-- ships page improved (type selection and hiding of shuttles)
-- some other small things here and there
- before anybody asks about it: all new database updates since the empyrean age patch are not implemented in eve commander yet. this means, eve commander does not know the new stations in black rise and stuff like that. that is, as the new data export from ccp is not available yet. i can do nothing but wait.
- new feature 'industry'. it's beta and very basic to show industry production jobs. problem is that this particular api data is very badly documented and i have no experience with invention and stuff. so, if folks know about this specific api xml format, please contact me... :)
- new corporate features as described below are fully ready for deployment. ceo's can email me for activation.
- two long standing bugs have been fixed due to help from 'veritech knight': some small bug in 'assets by type' and more importantly, navy issue ships and the like are finally shown under 'ships'. i did not see that by myself, as i don't own one of these fine things yet… :)
- a new feature is very close to be finished on eve commander: due to many requests by the user base, i have put up basic corporate information pages. these include transactions, wallets, assets and market orders. they do not include stuff like POS data etc. this sensible data is still not being pulled by my apps.
corp information must be activated for each corp by the CEO and him only. he also decides which users (full edition required) within eve commander (and his corp, of course) get to see that information (i assume the same guys who have respective access to that data in game too). for the moment, there is only global access: it can't be broken down to like specific wallet accounts and stuff. requests for access are to be directed to me by email. there is a one time setup fee of 25 million isk.
i want to specify that this service is mainly directed to smaller and personal corporations and also that all your data is still and always secure with me.
- i have massively lowered prices for eve commander due to a quickly growing subscription base and for easier handling: subscription periods have been extended from 1 month to 3 months for the same price, effectively reducing prices to 1/3 of the old ones. all current subscribers to the full edition of eve commander received a two month extension of their last account expiration date as a bonus. this reduction should make the full edition of eve commander even more attractive to current 'limited edition' users and reduces the amount of payment transactions necessary for the full users. this is my way to thanks to all of you for the growing success of this project.
- transaction and wallet journal page improved: 'private' flag can now be set for all elements (transactions) and calculation of the statistics on top is no longer dependend on the amount of lines shown below -> the result is more accurate (both pages).
- settings page expanded so that you can also update your email address. this is important for users of the full edition.
- quick switching of users rewritten: now it works by using a unique key. this allows for linkage accross multiple eve user accounts. just make sure you have the same key in all your accounts and you are set.
- the ships page now shows the type / category of the respective ship. for those that keep forgetting a myrm is a battle cruiser... :)
- infos about the upcoming corporate edition are available here.
- eve commander goes from beta to release 1.0. juhuuu… :) one day early, but because i am at home sick with the flu, i found some spare time to finish things up. i guess i celebrate this by myself with a cup of tea now… :)
- eve commander partner program launched. more info under the link 'partner program' on your welcome screen (after login) below 'account settings' on the right. feedback welcome, as usual.
- prices adjusted a tiny bit and finalized for the moment. if the userbase keeps growing, pricing should go down in the future.
- sorry. while adding new features, i somehow broke the registration. it should be working now again.
- i am currently preparing for the ending of the beta trial time. all full key accounts have been set to trial and the regular two week trial time starting next friday march 14th. payment stuff will follow in the next few days. there will also be a partner program where you can make isk by recommending eve commander to other users.
- the ships page now correctly shows all your ships and you can also add their names (which are not transmitted in the api) for easier recognition.
- assets by station now lists contents of containers below that specific container. still missing: container names (like ship names above) will be added soon.
- if you get the question-mark image on the character page, you can now upload your real avatar image.
- when you have registered your alt-characters in eve commander, you can now quickly switch between them on the homepage. attention: all accounts need to have the same password or else you won't see them (additional security check).
- the skills page now shows when unlearned skills can be learned and if not, which prerequisites are still missing.
- recover password will now always generate a new password and not send the old one again.
- new page 'ships': show all your ships with location and setup. this is an alpha-version! i will try to make this nicer with high-slots, med-slots etc. but it's a start… :) only thing: it's a pitty that ship names are NOT transmitted with the api. so when you have three iterons in one station, you can't really tell them apart here.
- Bug in wallet journal fixed: source/target of transaction is now correctly displayed.
- Basic character information including the attributes for learning with minimum and maximum skill points per hour and a listing of what level skills you have and the overall average skill level.
- assets by station can now also be filtered by regions
- password recovery function added
- a first implementation of 'market heat' has been added to market orders. it shows the time passed since the last sale/aquisition in a selectable timeframe. this is useful to see if the order is 'working' or if adjustments need to be made.
- pending sales volume in transactions is now calculated from volume using asset stock and running market orders.
- market orders now shows total isk in orders plus what's still pending.
- some minor bugfixes in html-code
- number format can now be set in regional settings
- if you don't have the font 'zurich' installed, you can change titles to arial. see on homepage.
- limited edition eve commander now allows for registration with limited api keyset
- some buxfixes in skill training time calculation and presentation
- assets now show regional names to the stations
- assets by station now show gross volume (m3) and volume by type
- account settings
- added wallet journal

yet to do:
- a simplified mobile version that runs on modern web-enabled smartphones like htc touch hd, iphone and the new nokia thingy.
- corporation management & collaboration tools : transport tasks, production, mining planning, trade, pos etc
- eve geo localisation (define where you are and see distances and routes to your assets etc).
- more analysis tools
- multi language (german for sure for starters)
- online help

contributions and feedback
- if you want to contribute to eve commander, have questions or feature requests, please feel free to contact me:
- in-game character: woddel

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