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Steps : 1. intro and api key | 2. select character | 3. personal preferences | 4. registration completed

To register your character to eve commander, please follow the steps provided below. All fields need to be filled out!
PLEASE read the directions carefully! Newbies are way too fast to copy/paste the wrong key

Step 1: intro and api key
privacy statement
Please be sure to have read and understood the privacy statement (opens in a popup).
Limited edition (skill and character info only): Will always remain free.

Full edition (all infos): After a 14 day trial (or 21 if you have a partner key), pricing is according to the price list (opens in a popup).
There is no obligation to continue on a subscription if you do not want to. If you don't pay then, your account will simply be reduced to 'limited edition'.
API information
To get your API keys, logon to (opens in new window).
You can either enter the Limited Access API Key for character and skill training information only,
or enter the Full Access API Key for complete access to your character data including skills, transactions, assets, ships, industry and market orders.

You will be able to toggle the keys any time in the settings page.
User ID Copy the User ID. This is a numeric string like '2845541'
API Key Copy either the Limited Access API Key or Full Access API Key (the very long string (64 characters) like 'k8E5MQvKd...'). See above to decide which one.

Step 2: select character
Step 3: personal preferences
general information
User ID This will be your eve commander login userid
Password This really should be different than your EVE Online password!
Password (retype)
Email A valid emailaccount for notifications ('skill training complete' etc)
regional information
To make it easier for you, eve commander shows dates and times in your prefered format and time zone.
Date Format
Time Format
Number Format
EVE Time Offset (0 is GMT, +1 is CET/MEZ, -5 EST etc - use winter time!)
partner key (optional)
If you got eve commander recommended from somebody else, you can enter his (or her) partner key here.
This gives him a bonus and you an additional week of free trial time for the full version of eve commander.
See the partner program section after you log in for the first time to see how you can make isk too.

Key: (format: ab123456)

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